Hees Hatertse Vennen est un sentier de point à point de 11.1 kilomètres situé près de Nimègue, Gueldre en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et la marche.

Distance: 11.1 km Dénivelé: 132 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B




voie partiellement aménagée


vue panoramique

fleurs sauvages


site historique


Way of Hees Hees is of course very beautiful and the stories about it have already been written in the Stenen Bank. Besides being beautiful, Hees is also small, even so small that you walked out before you know it. That is why it should be tackled structurally. The starting point is De Stenen Bank the heart of Hees the end point is again the Stenen Bank or a bus stop from where you are usually back by bus in Hees or better in Heseveld, because Hees has no bus stop. Part 1: To the Koortsboom by Sint Walrick. Start: Stone Bank on Kerkstraat in Nijmegen / End: Bus stop Sint Walrick (Overasselt). Put on walking shoes! It seems like a long way to get to Sint Walrick, but when you walk towards it, it turns out that beautiful paths go straight. Your first goal is to get away from Hees. Do this by taking Kerkstraat and De Blécourtstraat, in the direction of Energieweg, where you go through the new tunnel, to cross the bridge from there to reach the other side of the canal (southwards via the stairs). The unpaved Oostkanaaldijk is certainly as beautiful as the West Kanaaldijk. Her Majesty opened the canal in 1927 and for the ships it saves about a hundred kilometers if you want to go to Germany from Heumen. The impact for the villages of Neerbosch and Hatert was enormous. In that respect, you are lucky to praise as Hesenarenes. You will pass an iron sculpture ("On the Road") by Rob Sweere, who has his exact copy across the canal. It symbolizes the old relationship between the Dorpsstraat and the current Agnetenstraat of the split Neerbosch. Continue to the Graafse Brug, which was destroyed twice in WWII and which was called "Honinghutje brug". It is less erotic than it sounds, because the honey hut was located at the current children's farm in Neerbosch. After 370 meters past the bridge, take the Teersdijk to the right. This dike already formed the connection between Noviomagus and Wijchen in Roman times, while in the Middle Ages it connected Nijmegen with Grave. It is now a beautiful pedestrian lane that runs through the Zwaneveld district and ends at the Dukenburg bus station. Here the weary hiker can take a break. Carefully cross the Van Schuijlenburgweg (zebra) and continue to the Teersdijk on the other side. Then pass the red "Observation Tower", a work of art by Ronald Tolman, originally on the premises of the Gelderlander on the Voorstadslaan. Now run directly into the Tolhuis. From 1838 Nijmegen was allowed to levy tolls here. It is exactly at the last exit to Neerbosch, so Nijmegen residents did not have to pay anything. Now the aldermen of Nijmegen would not deny themselves such a source of income. Immediately after the Tolhuis, turn right to walk via the Van Rosenburgweg in the direction of the A73 to the Streekweg. Turn left here. This less pleasant part was needed, because the Camp on the Teersdijk, which you will pass by, is rather isolated from the rest of Nijmegen society. Just after the camp, turn right along an unpaved path towards the slope of the A73, that is the road where the whole of Hees thinks it should have been connected to a new Waal bridge. Now Hees gets its own city bridge. The good news is that you will get beautiful walking routes in the direction of Waal and Lent. At the slope, turn left and then walk along the ditch parallel to the A73, where you will end up at the bicycle viaduct to the Wijchense and Berendonckse ponds. Those puddles were excavated at the time to provide the A73 with sand, now you can skate, walk and especially play golf. There is nothing against golfing at the moment, but such a golf course does leave its mark on the landscape with its combination of bunkers, fair-ways, greens and tees. Anyway, avoid the golf course and continue to walk some distance from the A73 to the Hatertse fens. Do this by going from the tunnel through a wide bend to the left and taking the road or path parallel to the A73 as much as possible (especially take a look at the ponds). There is now a blue poles route on our road that you follow for about a km. You will pass a farm site and arrive at the Diervoortseweg. Turn right here, and then immediately diagonally to the left into a forest path.

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