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Gootspokenroute est un sentier en boucle de 5.1 kilomètres situé près de Zaltbommel, Gueldre en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la marche.

Distance: 5.1 km Dénivelé: 39 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle


voie aménagée


parcours urbain

site historique

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Gelderland, full of sights, Zaltbommel is a great option for a nice city walk. From the station you walk in the direction of the city center onto the Wilhelminaweg, an exit road with old houses that has never forgotten its origin as a winding road over a stream. Even the gravel is still intact: as a pedestrian you walk over pebbles here. Soon the pointed March tower appears around the bend, cracked by the knight of TuiL. He had learned to fly from the devil and one day he flew from his lock towards Deil, but there he fell off course. He pulled his feet up too late above the Sint Maartens tower in Zaltbommel and thereby pushed the top off. A lightning strike, says the city chronicle 'Bommels Tweede' is the Gasthuistoren, equipped with a carillon with a puppet show. Long ago, Franz Liszt heard the tinkle from his boat and promptly spoke to the virtuoso carillonneur. He also met the carillonneur's daughter who turned out to be just as musical. Liszt took her to Paris, where she graduated from the conservatory. On the Markt you can settle down at the Stadscafé for coffee with apple pie. With the Gootspoken walk in hand, a fascinating exploration of this millennial river city follows. A local artist (Joris Beton) added a series of 'gutter ghosts' to the couple who were already there in the Zaltbommel, rich in façade decorations. Gutter ghosts are grotesque figures that you tour from a gutter, akin to spewers of medieval cathedrals. They usually consist mainly of head. Cathedrals arose shortly after the "The Celts were headhunters and headhoppers believe that a carved head possesses magic power" Christianization and the Celtic faith lived underground for ages. Heads were often hung on eaves. The new gutter ghosts are rather funny, if they are. The paparazzo on the Gamersestraat and the deaf short-sighted on the Market certainly. The Philipshuizen, from the front seats of the Eindhoven light bulb factory, are also located on that Market. Bommel almost became Philipsstad. Family member Kar! Marx was a regular guest. He received food, lodging and even pocket money, but he had to pay for his books elsewhere. The strikingly high Maarten van Rossum house / city museum with its Renaissance-Gothic frills can not miss a walker. Zaltbommel was founded around 850. The first inhabitants in this river country usually settled on bank walls. Because trees usually do not like wet feet, those were the only places where large trees grew. Many such places were given the name Bomela, or, to say, Bomenland, later corrupted to BommeL. But in this Bommel they also won salt in the Middle Ages, because the water was brackish up to now. Maarten van Rossum was a competent army commander, who until 1543 succeeded in keeping the Habsburgs away from the independent Gelre. Some historians called Van Rossum an 'extreme brute: But the Van Rossumhuis is a gem. Bommel is particularly beautiful and lovely around the Maartenskerk, but the somewhat wild heathland garden along the western city walls is also worth mentioning.

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