Gendringen naar 's-Heerenberg est un sentier de point à point de 20.9 kilomètres situé près de Gendringen, Gueldre en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 20.9 km Dénivelé: 92 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B





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Along quiet villages with distant pasts. A stage that starts beautifully, but ends in 's-Heerenberg through an industrial estate. The good news is that the area to the west of 's Heerenberg becomes hilly. In the beginning, the bank of the Oude IJssel was looked up. This runs along with the German border. This river ran a lot to the east than the present-day IJssel, which branches off from the Rhine at Arhnem. Walk to Huis Landfort, which dates from the late Middle Ages. It has hardly been destroyed and has been replaced countless times by owners. In the end, the Gelderse Kastelen Foundation owned and sold the house. You can walk around it beautifully. Leave the border to explore the village of Megchelen. It is a Catholic village, where there is nothing to do. The next village, Netterden, on the other hand, has a rich history. Walk around with a bow, but the history can be there. Already in Roman times when the Eastern Rhine ran here, fortifications were already being built (regnites) that were interconnected with roads. These later became trade routes. When Emmerich became important, a canal was dug to connect to the East Rhine. From a commercial point of view, but not from a hydraulic engineering point of view, as flooding ensued, as a result of which the Rhine went to Emmerich and the East Rhine turned into a ditch. After the Middle Ages the reformation also penetrated here, but there was a great lack of pastors, so that the population remained just Catholic and the old church was returned to the Catholics. Etterden already knew the St Walburgis guild in the 15th century. It fulfilled the task of protection (militia) and road maintenance for trade routes. Today it is a culture association with a very old history. After Etterden, walk to Germany and pass a shooting range, where you have the impression that the war has broken out again. It seems as if the countries show each other's rear, because as soon as you enter 's-Heerenberg you see a wall of ugly buildings, in which there are mainly storage places (vemen) for export purposes. For the really nice things you have to be on the other side of 's-Heerenberg. There you will find the castles and monasteries. It was here where the Africa Museum found its origin and it was here that one of the largest creativity centers in the world (Golden Hands) was established. Later the alternative healers came here and that is striking, because in 1605 another witch was burned here, who was so annoyed by the accusations that she herself demanded a trial, which became her fateful, because Mechteld ter Ham remained afloat and known allegations after torture.

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