Bloesemtocht est un sentier en boucle de 14.0 kilomètres situé près de Geldermalsen, Gueldre en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 14.0 km Dénivelé: 69 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle

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If the Betuwe is in bloom in the spring, you should not delay your visit to the area between the major rivers for too long. Because it will take another year before the time comes. This route will allow you to tour the dikes around the Linge, the longest river of Dutch origin at 108 kilometers. The start is at the Geldermalsen station that you leave via a beautiful cast-iron overhead bridge. A national monument that is doomed to disappear, because a redevelopment plan is ready for the station. Via Deil a beautiful village, where a traffic square is named after, you arrive at the De Vlinder scaffolding mill, built in 1913. You walk through Enspijk where the ferry to the Mariënwaerdt is not yet sailing, because that only happens in the summer months. The Utrecht-'s-Hertogenbosch motorway will take you to the other side of the Linge. Here is the Notenweg, where you can score Walnuts in the autumn. You are now entering the Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt, a nine hundred hectare agricultural nature area with extensive fields, orchards, forests and meadows. The Open Air Museum of the River Area is also called this estate. The history of Mariënwaerdt goes back to 1129 when a Norbertine abbey was founded. The name means the Island (worth) of Maria. The abbey became very rich and was therefore looted several times. In 1567, during the Reformation, everything was completely destroyed under the leadership of Hendrik van Bredero. In 1790 a country house was built on the site of the abbey. Along the Appeldijk, which is further down, are old high-stem apple trees that give a sea of blossoms. Continue on the dike and see in the adjacent floodplains that moss and ferns have settled in the countless hollow pollard willows. Further on you will come to Tricht, which dates back to Roman times and was then called Trajectum. A romantic has called his house Ma Petite and has emphasized his love for her by painting pink hearts on the shutters. Then return to Geldermalsen via a narrow, iron railway bridge. ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Leave the station via a footbridge at the rear. Go straight (Deilseweg). At the bend that goes to the left, turn right (Oosteneind). Walk straight along the Linge (Deilsedijk). At Huize Noordenhoek turn left (Krooiweg). Take the first road to the right (Koningsweg / Appeldijk). At the mill go straight (Molenweg). Turn right at the T-junction (Beemdstraat). After approximately 200 meters, take the first road to the right (in the direction of Enspijkse Veer). Turn left onto the dike. Follow the dike until the paved road (Enspijk). Go straight (Kampsedijk) and leave Enspijk via the same dike. Walk straight on. The dike turns into a cycle path. Walk up the cycle path at the motorway and cross the Linge via the cycle path along the motorway. On the other side, turn right and follow the dike. Where the paved road turns to the left, you follow the dike straight ahead (sign opened Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt). At a broken gate, go straight ahead (Hooidijk). Turn right at the paved road and immediately follow the dike again. Continue straight ahead after the Neust pumping station. Back on the paved road you always follow the dike straight ahead. In Tricht, turn right immediately over the rail and walk back to the Geldermalsen station via the rail bridge and the cycle path.

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