Zilverstrand Walk est un sentier de point à point de 18.0 kilomètres situé près de Almere, Flevoland en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe une rivière et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et la marche.

Distance: 18.0 km Dénivelé: 276 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B



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The Flevopolder is the largest artificial island in the world. Eastern Flevoland was founded in 1957. And in 1968 Southern Flevoland was added. Almere has now grown to a population of over 180,000 and a lot is still being built, but fortunately the city has not forgotten about life outside the new-build walls. Because Almere has a lot of greenery, not only in the city itself, but also in the surrounding area. Many things have been thought about building the city. For example, learned from the mistakes made by others, the roads were first laid, then the houses. As a result, wide green strips that separate the residents from the noise and the stench of the cars, instead of terrible noise barriers. Explore Almere through walk 12 of the Almerepad, a theme path 'In 12 walks around Almere'. The walk is mostly on unpaved grass paths and can be quite soggy. So put on good shoes! Starting from the Muziekwijk station, the aforementioned prejudices are initially confirmed: gray concrete, draughty platforms ". But follow the path through the park a little further, you will see spacious lawns, many shrubs and nameplates next to the different types of trees. The neighborhood with streets, squares, bridges and buildings with names such as Wim Kanplein, Majeurebrug and the Concertmeester has spacious houses. As you cross the ring road and it becomes quiet. That is soon over when you pass an outlet field for Almere dogs a little later. walkers' by Kwispel (what's in a name ...) smoking a cigarette in the delivery van, the dogs are barking loudly at each other, fast onwards, the hand of man can clearly be seen in the forest, because everything is straight. The trees are neatly arranged in a row, the ditches are tight and well-kept, which sometimes makes it a bit sterile, but nature doesn't care: the many birds sing, the trees whisper to the wind and sometimes it seems even if it's snowing. It is the kapok-like seeds, swirling from the many poplars that create a fairytale atmosphere. In order to create a more natural feeling, the forest managers leave some of the felled wood behind, so that new insects, mosses and mushrooms are tempted to come and live here. When you climb the dike, you will see the island of Pampus in front and further on the bridge to the IJburg district near Amsterdam, the next part of the Zuiderzee that has been reclaimed for housing. At the marina, go back into the forest and after a while approach the Zilverstrand and walk under the viaducts of the railway and highway, which connects the old with the new land. Go along the beach and arrive in the Kromslootpark, a beautiful swamp area. Here "wild" curious cows graze, but completely harmless. After a piece of new housing development, dyke and beach, finish at the beach pavilion where the renowned triathlon starts annually. Further on the center of Almere-Haven with beautiful terraces. Take bus 1 that will bring you to Almere Centrum station. Almere has grown up and is worth a visit!

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