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Zwartemeer naar Schoonebeek est un sentier de point à point de 21.7 kilomètres situé près de Zwartemeer, Drenthe en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités.

Distance: 21.7 km Dénivelé: 131 m Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B


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Through the Bargerveen and along the stream. A beautiful trip that leads straight through the Bargerveen. This is the western part. The Bargerveen is the last stretch of peat of what used to be called the Bourtangermog. A huge peat bog that stretched in a V shape from Veendam to Bargerveen. The whole stuff has been excavated and fortunately the Bargerveen has been preserved. You can clearly see that the mining infrastructure has been created by the many straight paths that run through it. You can cycle over it and walk over it. In Nieuw Schoonebeek you can blow out all the natural disasters. The village lives on agriculture and animal husbandry and lies mainly on the Europaweg a long boring provincial road. But luckily there is the Schoonebeekerdiep. The border river between Drenthe and Germany. It was not clear in advance whether you could go past it, because renovations are taking place. On the German side there is a beautiful rough trail (sometimes a wide strip of grass) along which you can walk for 7 kilometers to the next bridge (Wilmsbrug). In Germany it is the stream: Grenz-Aa. Geologically, it becomes even more interesting at Schoonebeek, because there is oil in the ground. The field was discovered in 1942 and the stuff was pumped up with jack-marbles. At a certain point, it was so difficult that extraction was stopped. But because the oil price is getting higher, a new extraction technique based on steam injection has been developed to get the oil up and since 2011 they have been running again. It is pretty much the only oil field on the West European shelf.

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