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Assen Walk est un sentier en boucle de 12.6 kilomètres situé près de Assen, Drenthe en Pays-Bas. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la marche et la course à pied.

Distance: 12.6 km Dénivelé: 119 m Type d'itinéraire: Boucle


course à pied


vue panoramique

fleurs sauvages


parcours urbain

site historique


The Drenthe circuit, the capital city walk, so Assen. Now Assen is not that big in terms of size, so you can't make miles in this almost provincial village, but still: Assen has a lot of greenery and its TT circuit. Assen is the youngest city in the Netherlands. When Louis Napoleon wanted to live here in 1807, it naturally had to become a city. Since that time the village has expanded enormously, the city singles have been filled in and only a small core remains. Start in the small but beautiful museum complex, which was traditionally a monastery and then the provincial house. The meeting room is still there and you will probably be able to get married there. The museum has been renovated. It is currently a mess (Sept 2012), because in the museum garden and canals, the sewers are being renewed. It was therefore quite a job to trace the famous statue of Bartje Bartels (Anne de Vries). Despite the many devastations that this originally stone statue has undergone, the male is proud of his pedestal. It was kind of the Dik Trom van Drenthe, who no longer wanted to pray for his kidney beans. Via the authentic Brink the journey leads to the Markt and the end of the Vaart, which is connected to the Drentse Hoofdvaart. To polish up the city a little it was decided to make it navigable again. It costs a little, but it does attract tourists. Along the canal, you will pass the White House of tax collector and later mayor Oosting. Further on on the south side walk for a kilometer along different Kazernes: Bernard, Emma, Johan-Willem-Friso (yes, that of the Music Chapel). It is also the way to explore Assen on the west side. To the east of the A28 is Baggelhuizen, a former shooting range and now a beautiful nature reserve with a recreational lake. Now you are also coming to the area where Assen has made a name for itself worldwide: the Asser-TT circuit. Since 1925 motorcycle races have been organized in Assen. The circuit initially ran over 28.5km via cobblestone roads around Assen. At that time it already went with averages of 100km / hr. Since that time the circuit became smaller. The walk runs for a bit on this old circuit, which was no wider than 4 meters. Now the circuit is separate from the public road and no longer than 4.5 km. And yes, you can also hear the engines yelling over a circuit on Sunday which has become somewhat wider. At the end of June it is really hit here. The whole motor-loving Netherlands / Europe goes to Assen including the Red-Disctrict circuit from Amsterdam to celebrate the Night of Assen. Walking back to the center of Assen, pass through the beautiful old Asserbosch along the very old Asserbeek, where the village got its water from. Via the Jozefkerk and the Gouvernementspark get back to the old center and pass the TT-monument, which should connect the Assenaren with the motorcyclists. The train station Assen looks a bit like a mosque, with those golden balls on it. It will be rebuilt in any case.

2 months ago