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Photos de Atago Mountain Hike

Distance: 8.0 miles Dénivelé: 3,540 feet Type d'itinéraire: Boucle


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1 month ago

I was there to see the autumn leaves and hopped on to the Kyoto city bus from Omiya Shijo station heading to Takaosan 高雄 (not the Takaosan 高尾山 in Tokyo) From the Takaosan Jingoji Temple, I walked 4km along the river downstream and it was a very pleasant trail, mostly flat surrounded by autumn leaves. The end of this trail will take you directly to the entrance of the Mount Atago, the ometosando route. The trail was paved very well with all the sign boards of total 4km uphill (1/40 to 40/40, every 100m, there was a sign board, so you won’t loss your direction). Over 80% of the trail were steps going upward and there were also few decent rest areas along the way. Highly recommended to bring water and snacks. It took me 2 hours to get on top of the mountain (924m). There was a large space on top on the mountain where you could have your bento lunch while enjoying the mountain view, overlooking Arashiyama from a distance. I took the same route down as I couldn’t find other routes. Yet there was a fork road which I took and it directly led me to Hozukyo station direction instead of Kiyotaki station. The downhill trail was fun, covered with fallen leaves and sometimes small rocks, it only took me 40 mins to come down where I took a local bus back to Hozukyo station. Overall it’s a great hike, trail route was well maintained and not difficult. There were not many people on the routes and majority of them were locals. Great getaway from hustle and bustle Kyoto touristic spots, even I am also a tourist!