Photos de Howe Sound Crest Trail: Cypress Lodge to HWY 99

Distance: 16.0 miles Dénivelé: 5,469 feet Type d'itinéraire: Point A à point B

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3 months ago

Incredible hike. Totally recommend. We hiked this on sept 5 in one day. We wanted to go light with only water some food and the 10 essentials. I am 49 and my buddy is 52. We hike a lot and are in good shape We spent the night in cypress parking lot and hit the trail at 6:00 am. I hydrated fully before leaving the truck and brought 1 litre along with pills and filter to replenish along the way. Most people bring a lot more but I did not want the weight. I drink less than most and have been told more than once that I am not normal. We had a beautiful sunny clear day and the views along the way were amazing. We made it to the lions in 3 hours at a fast pace. Had my first drink here. The stretch between the lions and magnesia meadows is indeed tough slugging as mentioned in the other reviews. Temperatures during this part were mid to upper 20’s and I consumed the rest of my water in this stretch. I filtered and filled up at the pool near the hut at the meadows. We Made it from the lions to the meadows in around 3 hours. Some of these kilometres counted as two as progress was slow and difficult. We had lunch at the hut and then were off again towards the lakes. We were nice and hot when we reached the first lake so took a break for food and a swim. The colour of the water is amazing and it was very refreshing. Again the views and scenery all along the way were stunning The last stretch down to the parking lot took longer than I thought and the knees were starting to ache pretty good by the end The entire hike took us 11 hours giving us lots of time to enjoy the views, have a few breaks, and swim in the lake. We did not feel that we would have wanted to spend more time on the trail enough to justify taking all the gear along to spend the night At no point did we run. We hiked at a good pace the entire time We tackled this one during probably the driest time you can do it and we found lots of water after magnesia meadows. It was really scarce between the lions and the meadows however so be prepared This was one of my favourite hikes to date Quite challenging but very rewarding. Wait for a nice day though to appreciate all the views it has to offer