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Photos de Folding Mountain Hike

Distance: 10.0 miles Dénivelé: 3,828 feet Type d'itinéraire: Aller-retour

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3 months ago

Hard climb in the beginning, but once you get through it, you are quickly rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view. Unfortunately, this is followed by several kilometers worth of walking through the forest (no views) to get to the summit. This was very boring for me, especially on my way back. I got up 3/4 of the scramble where I decided to abort because things became to sketchy. Footing is not the best and I was exposed to hard and cold winds. I only had hiking shoes so I was worried about my footing coming down, maybe a sunny day and poles would have made the difference. The entire hike took me 5 hours with a few breaks, although I did jog some parts (because I was bored).

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