Photos des randonnées dans le Kibosho Magharibi

1 day ago

Just finished hiking Kili for 7 days via Machame on Jan 26, 20. Thanks to the previous posts for some really helpful info, some of which is to be repeated here. First, take your diamox. Second, go slowly. Follow your guide’s pace and lead. Most of them worked as porters before the worked their way up to be assistant guides, then finally guides, so they know the mountain and what they’re doing. Third, take rain gear and layers. It rains, and sometimes snows, at altitude. The beauty of Kili is you start and and in rainforest, while in the middle trekking through beautiful foliage, moonscape, over small waterways, past innumerable waterfalls, and varied terrains. Take comfortable, waterproof footwear, and make sure your bags are waterproof. Another hiker thought his was only to find out it was not, and he was left with a bag full of wet clothes. Fourth, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Most of the stories of those who did not summit involved some level of dehydration, something that can be avoided. Fifth, take poles. You’ll be happy you did, especially coming down post-summit. Enjoy. Have fun. Take lots of pics. It’s a wonderfully challenging experience.

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