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Photos des randonnées dans le Grandvaux


12 avis
4 months ago

This trail is a great and comprehensive way to see the heritage site, here are a few things I noticed: There seems to be a sort of suggested route marked by blue/yellow arrows but there are many trails you can use to get across the mountainside that go through the Vineyards or follow the streets. A lot of the trail is on active roads, just be careful! You go through a lot of very idyllic towns that have places to eat or drink, just be aware that many have quite limited hours and you may wish to plan accordingly. A few places sell grapes around harvest time, i bought some from a place that had just set them outside with a box for money using the honor system, it was 5 Swiss Francs for 4 bunches. This was in mid September. The trail is partly paved, partly gravel depending on your route. There are numerous portions with stairs. The trail offers exceptional views of the lake and the vineyards/towns along the way. It covers the bulk of the lakeside portion of the heritage site and though I’ve only been on this one trail here, I feel like it allowed me to see most of what the site has to offer.

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