Photos des randonnées dans le Habkern


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Wed Aug 30 2017

This trail aligns with another undocumented (at least here) trail that starts from the chalet at the top of the finicular coming up from Merligen. Did it two years ago at the end of August and it was stunning. Some of the best views of the Swiss Alps you could ever get on land, and widely regarded as the most beautiful hike in Europe. Spring water comes out of the mountains all over and there are lots of wild huckleberries and raspberries to feast on when you get famished. And you will get famished. This hike is hard even though it does not flirt with high elevations. There are many steep sections so be prepared. Weather is a bit muggy at the end of summer. Not what I expected at 5-6k feet, but we learn new things everyday. Of course Switzerland overall is grand, but bring your wallet! Tschuess!

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