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Photos des randonnées dans le Son Servera

propriété privée
3 months ago

Probably picked the wrong day for this one as the weather was poor with frequent showers and thunder rumbling in the back ground for the whole hike. Several comments to make:- 1. We came upon a locked gated with signs "private property keep out" around 1 km from the start and had to turnaround and head back to a minor trail to cut across to the main route again higher up. 2. There was a second sign on the start of the track section to the hill top with the comms mast. Google translated it as "Private Hunting Area", it did not say keep out so we carried on without issue then back tracked down to the main loop. 3. It is classed as easy but when very wet there are steep sections of clay underfoot which are very slippery and great care is required when descending. 4. This hill is criss crossed with many trails and the app was a must as there was no trail markers at all. We went on the wrong path several times but with the app were able to correct quickly. Potential to get lost is significant without electronic positional aid. Could be a good hike in hot dry weather as you are in shade of the forest most of the time.

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