Photos des randonnées dans le Vysoké Tatry

hors piste
pas d'ombre
2 months ago

Strbske Pleso - Popradske Pleso - Hincove Plesa - Koprovske Sedlo - Koprovsky Stit Moderately trafficked trail from Strbske Pleso parking lot via Tatranska Magistrala towards the Popradske Pleso. Then it’s a lot less people towards the Koprovsky Stit. It’s not a trail for the faint hearted. I’d say it’s also for a moderately experienced / experienced hiker as the trail from Koprovske Sedlo towards the Stit is fairly difficult. I’d definitely recommend good hiking boots as the scramble through the rocks can be dangerous if wearing only trainers. Views from the Koprovsky Stit are absolutely stunning with an amazing 360 panorama. Took me just over 6 hours on the sunny October day.

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