Photos des randonnées dans le Ollantaytambo


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1 month ago

Phenomenal experience! I would highly recommend trekking poles for days 3 and 4. Descending is quite steep and rigorous at times. Highest point of altitude is just over 4200m on day 2 (Dead Woman’s Pass). So not that bad, plus you get heaps of time to acclimatize. Chew coca leaves and bring at least 1.5 litres of water with you, per day. Overall, I found this trek to be quite moderate. The best part was by far relationships formed between the group and the journey together. I found that reaching Machu Picchu was bittersweet. It was like an amusement park filled with tourists and their Gucci handbags and smartphones, lined up for hours to get the, “iconic photo.” If all you want is that picture, then there’s a train that will take you to and from Machu Picchu in a matter of hours. But, if you’re looking for something far more valuable and memorable, then please trek the Inca Trail, it’ll blow you away!

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