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Photos des randonnées avec escalade au Mount Rainier National Park

We reached 9,468’, just 720’ shy of Camp Muir at 10,188’ before calling it for safety. The 35 mph winds and low visibility made it very difficult and dangerous to move up the mountain. Our goal was to reach Camp Muir. But, due to the weather system that we were monitoring days prior, we decided to go with the intent of hitting Pebble Creek at 7,000’ in assessing from there. Wind speeds at Pebble Creek were tolerable, so we decided to make a go for it. Regardless of making it to Camp Muir, the team had a great day on the mountain. There were other climbers and skiers/snowboarders up there as well. Our team had eight climbers: Hugh Gallagher, Paul Kuralt, Hector Pomales, Amanda Bleuer, Victor Ayala, Caroline Fox, Mark Pengelly, and Steve Albert. Started the climb at 8:43 AM and ended at 2:58 PM. 8.7 miles, elevation gain 3,819’, and moving time of 5hrs 20mins.

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