Photos de randonnées avec forêts à Hocking State

4 months ago

I hiked the orange and purple trails together, for a total of about 15 miles. it was a pretty day, so it's hard to vomplain, but I doubt I'll go back here. A majority of the time the trail is a gravel road, and there is a decent stretch where you are just walking on a paved roadl. There are also a ton of service roads for oil and gas wells that don't appear on the map, and the correct path is not always clearly marked. The parking is also a little funny - these are mainly horseback trails, and there is convenient parking if you have a horse, but the signs seemed to say hikers should not be using those lots. Maybe there was another lot that I missed, but I was looking in the area where the app said the trail started and ended. Oh, and there were some pretty serious shoe-eating mud pits - you could mostly get around them, but it actually had not rained much lately, so I can only guess what it might be like with more rain! On the upside, I met a lot of friendly horses and riders, and there are some good hills if you are looking for a workout, and a couple pretty sections. You also go right by conkle's hollow, which is always a great place to check out. All in all, I had a nice day, but for hikers the Hocking hills area has better ones to offer.

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