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Photos des randonnées à ski à White Mountain National Forest

This was the first of the 4,000 footers I've hiked in recent years. Went on 1/19 after about 6 inches of snow had fallen the night before and there was continual snowfall throughout the day. Snow shoes were essential to get go to the summit. Unfortanely the visibility was extremely low at the summit. It took our group about 5 1/2 hours from the Waterville Ski Resort to the top and back. We started our hike at 12:30 and descended the final half mile or so in darkness. I have this hike a 4 out of 5 because even in good weather the summit has limited views. Also the hike has few interesting natural features along the way. The viewpoint is simply a side passage onto the ski path. While this was harder than anticipated, it was a solid first hike and a good challenge. I would only recommend it as a good entry point to the 48 challenge.

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