Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Island Lake Recreation Area

29 days ago

Some have been critical of the Hickory Ridge trail which contains this loop for a variety of reasons: noise from the gun range, proximity to Kent Lake Rd industrial area, boring 2-track around the lake, etc. Hey folks, it's a recreation area in the midst of the ever expanding southeast Michigan urban sprawl. What did you expect? I think it's great that the DNR has taken a recovering former gravel pit and developed a trail around it. The views around the lake are outstanding in all directions, except the west. I love the variety of ecosystems and terrain encountered on this easy hike. The stretch through the woods above the Huron River is beautiful. If you are triggered (pun intended) by the noise from the gun range, that's your choice. I choose to enjoy this accessible gem of an recreational resource.

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