Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Morgan Monroe State Forest

2 days ago

Started near the forest headquarters and took the trail clockwise. For some reason, my phone had erratic GPS readings around seven or eight miles in, causing my total hike to read 25+ miles instead of around ten. LOL! I'll have to see if the staff at Alltrails can correct my recording. (They said that it may have been caused by a battery optimization setting on my phone, and that they cannot correct the recording.) The trail has a divergence when you intersect Forest Road if you start near the headquarters in a clockwise manner. The map for this trail indicates that you turn right at the road and follow it briefly before crossing it. However, the white blazes indicate that you turn left at the road and follow it a short distance before crossing it. Both trails converge again after a while, so it's not too critical, other than the lefthand route is probably more hilly. I've seen both routes indicated on other hikers' recordings, so it's just a matter of preference and distance. I chose to hang right and follow the map as indicated for this trail. Quite a few hills and switchbacks, but nothing too bad. All creek crossings had water on January 26, 2020. The trail was easily discernable with fresh white diamond blazes, and I never had any trouble staying on it. It was muddy in spots, but that's to be expected. If anyone has any questions regarding this trail or any others that I've done, feel free to contact me at selectfirem4 at yahoo dot com.

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