Photos des randonnées où faire des raquettes dans le Mount Massive Wilderness

Successful summit on Jan. 10. Started from the fish hatchery parking lot and followed the Highline trail which was well travelled through the snow until just past the CDT intersection. We broke trail through thigh deep snow at some points until just under tree line and spent a chilly night camped out near the twin lakes. Snowshoes were required until we made the ridge above tree line at which point we switched to micro spikes and crampons and followed the ridge through a mixture of loose rock and harder snow slopes until reaching the summit around 1:30 pm. We camped a second night and finished our descent on the morning of the 11th. Thankfully most of the trail we had broken two days before was still intact so we were able to return to the parking lot within 2-1/2 hrs of leaving our camp. Overall, reaching the summit was well worth the effort, just be prepared to spend a full day breaking trail to get to tree line and bring plenty of warm gear/layers because it was COLD up there! We did it over 3 days and 2 nights, which is what I would recommend unless you are in stellar shape.

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