Photos des randonnées avec escalade au Inyo National Forest

2 months ago

Excellent route. Attempted twice, 10/26 and 11/3. Arrived at the notch on 11/3 but the sun was set and I was about to lose the light. Last 400' didn't look any more challenging than the scramble up the couloir but I really didn't want to down climb the whole way in the dark or get caught in the middle of the last 400' at night. Trail Notes: Ebersbacher ledges are the first place I was exposed to any significant falling hazard, but altogether is safe if you take your time and avoid risky route selection. Fairly straightforward trail from here to Lower Boy Scout lake that then turns into pretty vague trail and then a straight scramble through a boulder field and up the side of the incline until I dead ended at the base of a waterfall (frozen). From here you can either backtrack a little and crampon traverse the shallow, broad, frozen stream above the water fall feeding LBSL (risky IMO) or you can bushwhack through the vague trail(s) in the dense foliage (safer and annoying). Straight forward hike on some slabs up to Upper Boy Scout Lake. From UBSL you can hike around or over the benches to the South West of the lake. Here you can either route find and stay high on the incline or descend to a vague trail closer to the valley floor. Approach Iceberg Lake from either a lower couloir (loose gravel, some ice) that is somewhat hidden when approaching or up over the lip of some small ledges next to the waterfall (tricky, slippery). From Iceberg lake, the summit is nearly 2000' more feet of elevation. Scramble up about 1000' feet of boulder field, then onto the couloir. The couloir looks intimidating from the Lake, but once you are on it, the ledges are relatively safe and a slow and steady pace while keeping your head together is all you need. Stay on the left of the couloir but keep in mind you will need to bear right at the top to make the notch. Once at the notch, I cannot give any more advice other than from only having seen them. The backside traverse, even without snow, looks pretty steep and still had some ice patches. A guy mistakenly took this path off the top in May 2018 and slid to his death when it was snow covered. Probably very doable without significant snow coverage, but not my cup of tea. The final 400' is slightly less steep than the couloir. I would say it is doable if you can make it to the notch and have enough light left. Hiking out at night is hard and I've gotten lost the last two weekends for several hours. Good luck, be safe.

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