Photos des randonnées avec escalade au Death Valley National Park

1 month ago

We did this hike 12/20/19. We forewent snowshoes and just used trail crampons. We also had our hiking poles. The road leading up to Mahogany Flats (and the trail head) was closed and covered with snow. This snow was packed enough to walk on just fine. The first third of the way up was mellow and a lot of it was without snow. Then we got to the flat/downhill third. For this section, we were largely stepping into other people's foot holes in the snow to prevent the extra effort of making our own tracks by falling into 1-2 feet of snow every step. Once we got to the last third of the way up, we were along the ridge and other people's tracks had blown over and we were breaking trail with our feet sinking into 1-2 feet of snow every step. We just followed the ridge and relied on our GPS hiking apps to ensure we were on the right track. Maybe snowshoes would have been useful at this point. It’s hard to tell because it was so steep at times that they may have made the conditions sketchier. Sinking into the snow kind of acted as a stabilizer. What was certain was that it was exhausting creating and coming out of these deep foot holes at such a high elevation (we’re from Georgia). On the particularly steep parts, it was very exposed and vaguely like mountaineering – we relied heavily on our hiking poles to keep multiple points of contact. It was a little unnerving and we considered turning around, but were so close (we probably could get up but weren’t sure if getting down would be more difficult/sketchier). We kept going and made it to the top. Coming back down the steep and very snowy parts was actually easier on the way down. However, sometimes we fell into snow up to our hips. Amazing view from the top. We started from our car at 7am, got to Mahogany Flats at 8am, got to the top at ~1pm, and got back to our car right as the last bits of light were fading, maybe around 5pm or 5:30pm. This was a difficult and, at times, sketchy hike in the winter. We were prepared, but the other reviews on here did not accurately describe the conditions we experienced.

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