Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Chiricahua National Monument

The noted 4.1 miles is round trip to the intersection with the Burro trail. The original trail at one point went all the way up to the Crest trail. I hiked 4.3 miles of this trail this morning. It starts easy, but there are still many blowdowns after the first two miles and then gets washed out or disappears at the 4.3 mile inwhere I turned around. It gets very challenging after the third mile because of fire and flood damage from 2011 and 2014. Volunteers are still working on clearing the trail past that, but one volunteer told me today that it may take years to clear the seven miles. If you do this in the winter, be prepared for high water from snow melt and icy rocks when fording the creek. You will need poles for balance. There are five crossings in the first mile and four in the next 2.5 miles. The sun doesn't warm the trail until 11am. It was 27F at 8am and 56F at 1pm.

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