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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Noccalula Park

Ok, so we came here trying to find a great hike. The maps we had access to were for biking. We asked around and got some general directions. Park by the chapel and take the Black Creek Trail back past Cascade Bridge. Just beyond, there is an access point down to the river. Take it and head down stream. Follow to the Suspension Bridge, cross it and double back. The trail gets a little choppy, but it’s marked and you won’t lose it so long as you follow the river. This trail will end up taking you up and behind the water fall. Continue around and follow the trail for 1/2 mi until you see the sign pointing to the campgrounds. It will take you back up to the BCT and get you back to the parking lot. This was about 3.5mi, and mostly easy but there’s opportunity to climb rocks or not, some scrambles but nothing really tricky. Really pretty hike with lots to see. Great find!

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