Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Table Mountain National Park

pas d'ombre
10 days ago

Starting at Kloof Nek parking instead of closer to the start of the Diagonal route adds a nice 45-minute "warmup" to the hike--only a few extra km, and a beautiful walk. Be sure to stop at the cave before rounding Porcupine Buttress and take in the views. The scrambles on the Diagonal are (for the most part) balanced out with fairly flat sections, so there is usually a respite between climbs. The longest scramble is up Porcupine Ravine, but the views are phenomenal. Turning the route into a loop and returning via Kasteelspoort is a nice alternative, and makes the return a bit more interesting. Both trails are hot in summer and have very little shade; please be careful to bring enough water. :-)

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