Photos de randonnées en VTT à Parque Natural da Arrábida

couvert de végétation
3 months ago

This was a nice hike, although we wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 6 feet tall as the trail was extremely overgrown and much of the time was dedicated to bushwhacking. This shouldn’t dissuade someone from trying it out out however detracts a bit from the hike. That being said, the views are breathtaking, the trail is secluded, very very private, and there are times of shade and sun although as you get closer to top it becomes much more exposed. Definitely a good shot to try and I hope that in the future the trail becomes better maintained. Lastly, as a matter of tips to future climbers we ended up picking up the trail from the point that we ended on the map we didn’t hike the entire trail. All in all we did about 4 miles I have uploaded a few pictures that reference the starting point for us as well as some areas we thought would be useful to point out Good luck and enjoy!

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