Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Whiteshell Provincial Park

2 days ago

I snowshoed the Bear Lake Trail on a guided trek with Manitoba Parks in the winter and it was amazing and beautiful! The 6 km out and back trail starts out by entering the forest briefly before crossing a set of train tracks and an open meadow and then re-entering the woods where it continues to follow through for the rest of the hike. There were lots of ups and downs as the trail crossed the Canadian Shield and a steep descent before arriving at the lake. Right before the descent, while standing on the top of the rock, there were amazing views of the lake and surrounding landscape. At the lake, we sat on a large fallen tree and enjoyed a snack with views of the sea of undisturbed fresh snow covering the lake. The atmosphere was so peaceful and calm. There was thick frost on the trees which created such gorgeous scenery. Every once and awhile, my nose caught the amazing smell of junipers which was so nice. It was a wonderful day to spend appreciating nature. There is a small parking lot and outhouse bathroom at the trailhead. The trail had been packed down by other snowshoers but it was still fluffy snow and plenty deep enough for snowshoeing. It was well marked with flagging tape on the trees and frequent blue arrow signs posted on the trees as well. The trail was not groomed or maintained so there were tree branches in the face sometimes and a few fallen trees to watch out for. Overall, I really loved this trail and it was great for snowshoeing! I would rate this trail as moderately challenging (not easy as AllTrails says), due to the frequent inclines and declines (some steep). Bring hiking poles, as they were helpful on the steep descent to the lake. The Parks Interpreter told us that the trail is often a swamp in the summer and fall, so winter is the best time to enjoy this trail.

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