Photos des randonnées dans le Waterton Lakes National Park Of Canada Running

17 hours ago

We hiked this trail the last week in July. We were staying in Glacier and decided to drive up to the sister park in Waterton. This is a good higher level beginner hike. The first 1/3 of the hike is mostly all ascent. When you finish this section you roll out onto a fairly flat viewpoint that provides beautiful sweeping views of the lake below. From there you will continue onward to to the falls. The only downside about this trail is since the huge fire in 2017 many of the trees burned and this left significant exposure during this hike (although this also allows for those beautiful views). This means pack plenty of sunscreen and water because there is very little shade. The waterfall at the end is pretty but crowded. Truthfully, the views of the lake were my favorite part. That and the beautiful fireweed.

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