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Photos des randonnées dans le Voorschoten

4 months ago

This has the potential for a really lovely walk (although I prefer to bike it). But as a loop it has a relatively dull 2/5ths parallel to the road from Wassenaar to Voorschoten (N448) and then turning right parallel the railway line. I would change the walk from a loop to an out-and-back. I prefer to start at the southern point and head west (clockwise) and turning around after exploring the De Horsten park near the northern most point (on the N448 near the junction with N44). There's a few free parking spots near my southern start after crossing underneath the railway line but much larger free parking at De Horsten park. However, by starting in the south you begin (and end) with the most tranquil part of the walk. One of my favourite parts is looking at the beautiful houses in the streets off the western edge of this route in Oud Wassenaar. Also don't forget Duivenvoorde Castle is a few hundred meters off the southernmost part.