Photos des randonnées dans le Praiano


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Began in Praiano and took ~2,000 steps to connect to path and walk down into Positano. The stairs up are HARD. Less uneven than I imagined, but 1,843ft of elevation in a single mile is no joke. Left around 9a and with a rising sun at your back it'll kick your butt a bit, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Path itself is one of the most beautiful, rewarding hikes I've done. There's lots of uneven ground, and many hikers used poles. I am an avid hiker and knees are in good shape and was able to manage without, but if you're unsure, just be safe. That said, if you have really bad knees, this hike might not be a great choice. The stairs down into Positano are mostly in good shape, but that's a LOT of stairs for anyone to take. I didn't see another human on my way up from Praiano, but the trail became heavily trafficked immediately upon linking up with Path of the Gods, even on a random Tuesday in October. There's a place to refill water at the top before continuing on Path of the Gods, and there are facilities a little further along as well. I did solo but heard great things from some other travelers about guided versions of this hike as well.

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