Photos des randonnées dans le Trikastro


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A quintessential Greek nature experience. Traversing the Acheron river was an unreal experience, stepped in beauty and mysticism. I got dropped off near Trikastro at the Gates of Hades narrows where I jumped right into the river. Waterproof gear is recommended; I wrapped my snacks in plastic bags and placed them in my daypack but air-tight gear would be more effective and could allow you to bring items you want to keep from getting wet. I do not recommend water shoes but an old pair of running shoes to keep the river pebbles from tearing at your skin. The views were amazing (forested canyon and mountain slopes bisected by the glowing green-turquoise waters of Acherontas) for the approximately 6.5 hours I spent in the river. Approximately 40% if the route is more suitable to swimming than walking, including parts where swimming is unavoidable; the rest of the route is walkable along the forested riverbanks or shallow parts of the river. Near the end of the route there are characteristic "devil's pools" formations in stone and then the water starts getting colder as several springs appear. Eventually the water is frigid and the canyon narrows, with springs all around you until you finally start seeing people coming in from the opposite direction you were: this means you are close to the springs visitation area of Glyki. When you see all the tourists gathering, make your way onto the trail on the left bank of the river and follow it to the restaurant there to reward yourself with souvlaki. I got picked up from the camping/tourist/visitation area at the springs. This transportation setup was ideal; turning around and going back to Trikastro in the same day would require a super early morning start and a consistently fast pace. Overall, this is an amazing trail in a beautiful and mystical region. There is also a hiking trail parallel to the river that does not involve swimming; I am not sure how the route compares, but I loved the up-close and personal experience that traversing the river provided me with.

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