Photos de randonnées en VTT à Southampton

7 months ago

This trial is ok, it gets a 1 star on the basis that the route on the app doesnt quite match the trial when your out there, it also says its a 19.5km trial which it is not, i parked and started a bit further away from the mapped start point and still only clocked 16.1km. Also the route verified and completed on the app when i was only half way through which was strange. Now if you were to do this trial on a mountain bike or trial run it, then it will be fairly enjoyable, its a mixture of road and trial and has wide paths, is all flat (zero climbs) and does have some nice nature bits along the way. However hiking it, it was a bit boring, being that its all path, i prefer personally to be off civilian paths and exploring, plus being over taken by cars whilst walking on the road isnt much fun, and that is how the route starts and ends and that makes up id say around 8km of the overall trial.