Photos des randonnées dans le Upala


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3 months ago

Heliconias sometimes is not that birdi but that is nature If you like the Nature and uncontaminated environment this the place . This is a great place to birdwatchand there are tons of butterflies. unlike the bridges on monte verde that are relatively metal sidewalks Here the bridges are relatively hanging and swinging. They are very narrow and they shake but very stable . They are 100 mates long and 40 mates high You will take a loop of three hanging bridges , discovering amazing views . You can see different levels of the forest with mosses , lianas and roots hanging out from the branches and bromelias and plants and other small trees .Watching various types of wildlife, insects and flowers . walking the trail over a couple of hanging (suspension) bridges. Nice for birdwatching. The sound of the forest is delightful. The trip is more about enjoying the nature more than going across bridges . Sometimes the rain makes the experience more real .