Photos des randonnées dans le Stirling-Rawdon

A very flat trail where you can walk to the river at a couple of points. I'm not sure what the trail is made of (it was covered with snow when we walked it) but it seemed very stroll-able. The woods were very pleasant and peaceful with the sounds of wind and birds and you couldn't hear the highway. The river itself was quite pretty. The main negative I found was the signage. First there is no signage to the conservation area/trail. Second, there is no sign at the trail head (you just come to the end of the road and a little parking lot other than a few signs from the local conservation authority saying no ATV'ing, hunting. And third, there is no signage on the actual trail. Luckily, the trail was wide and flat enough and someone had walked there before so we could tell we were in the right area. But some signage and maybe a bench or two would do wonders and bring this trail up to a 4 star because it really is a nice area - even in March!

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