Photos des randonnées dans le M'Chigeeng 22

couvert de végétation
5 months ago

Hiked up using the newer trail signs, nice but not great, some pretty forest along way, but feels very new growth, and like walking on gravel road. Pass a couple of intersections along way to top, but newer signage pointed straight so followed that. Came to cross section at top and took right and forward wrong turns (no signage), took left last which then had sign, and lead to the looked (with big letters). I looked for signs for a return loop, but none, and followed a well walked path in front of the big letters. This led to a return loop trail - but not maintained. Had to walk through some overgrown areas and rely on worn trail with occasional old signs. Probably not meant to do..but a nicer trail through forest. Took down old stairs, and at one point used a rope in place to get down a difficult drop to a wooden platform and series of broken wood stairs...that returned you to one of the earlier intersections. All up, just over 2 hours, and mostly easy.

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