Photos des randonnées dans le Grand Bay-Westfield

1 month ago

Is 30+km (NOT 21km) We just parked on hwy where the dot showed up but there is a dirt road that has a sign stating Turtle Mtn starts here and gate can be locked at anytime, so we walked it. The walk is decent following atv trails. It does get confusing at sections to where trail goes, where suddenly trails are popping up all over. So following the app map made it easy for us to navigate. Overall the trail stays easy nothing overly strenuous. We did hike after rain fall days before so a big part of the way there was figuring out ways past giant streams or ponds across the trail. Thankful I was wearing wool socks as my feet were very wet by the end. Dogs were very happy on this hike! And they are right the hike is worth it, the view is amazing!! This is definitely an all day event. We left the hwy at 930 and returned at 515.

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