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Photos des randonnées dans le McCreary


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Starting at the Burls & Bittersweet trailhead (just west of East Gate), we took Burls & Bittersweet, then Reeve's Ravine, and then the 1km "unofficial" path behind the junction sign to Bald Hill. Lots of forking in the trail, my advice would be stick to the left until you get to that last junction sign where someone has carved an arrow pointing straight back and written "Bald Hill". Seems like this is the easiest and quickest way to Bald Hill. My Strava account clocked it just shy of 11km round trip and took us 2.5 hours with minimal stopping. Burls & Bittersweet was a fairly easy walk in the woods with some cute bridges and features. Once you hit Reeve's Ravine you get some strenuous inclines with awesome views over the treetops. Lots of poison ivy on the trail, wear pants or tall socks! We also didn't see any wildlife or evidence of such. Would definitely recommend this hike! We followed the directions from this site:

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