Photos des randonnées dans le Powell River D

arbres tombés
couvert de végétation
hors piste
pont inutilisable
3 months ago

This is a rough lightly traveled route on both sides of the creek. Best to start on the side of where the road ends and go down the trail. Keep the bridge crossing for the return. The trail goes in and out of the forest closely following Russ Creek. This trail, in most spots is relatively new, and follows deer trails and the best route to go that one can view the many waterfalls while in some sections for safety the route goes into the forest away from Russ Creek. There are numerous logs to go up, over or under. Once down at the ocean, Russ Creek must be crossed and except in the winter after lots of rain this is very easy to do. Some may prefer to take off their boots, the crossing is not overly hard on bare feet. There is a tiny rocky beach and a bit of a flat section on both sides of the creek for camping. Heading back up the far side of the creek, the going is still rough but not as difficult in most sections. There are a couple of side trails to waterfalls. The bottom part of Russ Creek is a UREP, or a forestry designation for Use, Recreation and Enjoyment for the people. Locals are trying hard to secure this wonderful area as a Regional or Provincial Park.

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