Photos des randonnées dans le Marktosis 15

couvert de végétation
7 months ago

Hiked this trail on May long weekend - we started on the Friday, so we were a day ahead of the weekend crowds! Beautiful scenery and great mix of beach walking plus forested jaunts. We got to the tidal crossing at high tide so had to hike inland about a km to the bridge, and the high tide shortcut was ruthless - overgrown, treefalls, muddy, and we took a couppe wrong turns based on lack of signage. On the way back from Cow Bay we timed it to travel along the low tide route, which was much much more favourable. As well, the only reliable water sources are at the far end near Cow Bay. Don't rely on finding a creek in the east half. The tidal crossing creek seemed to also have fresh water but you have to travel quite far upsteam to get it. And we saw a wolf! From a distance, sure, but that was one thing we got to check off our list! Overall, its a great beginner multi-day hike with beautiful scenery.