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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Kamloops

Did this January 1, 2020. Great way to start the New Year! Muddy down below, but snow got deeper as I got higher. At the top, was about 2 feet. Double track from the bottom to the 4 way split, then I had to follow trail I could read by depressions in the snow. Do not go off the double track in winter without having the ability and equipment to handle winter conditions! I made it to the top to watch the sun sink down below the heavy clouds in the valley. Overall, a great hike, with lots of branching off points I will explore another time. I should add, this is definitely NOT a spring hike. It's a long (almost kilometer?) uphill and very steep at parts. In spring, it will be extremely muddy and slippery. Mud is much harder than snow to handle when going up steep hills.

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