Photos des randonnées dans le East Kootenay E

2 months ago

Snowy drive. Had a 4x4 but apparently some little tiny janky car made it but I wouldnt say to try it unless you know what you’re doing even then sketchy. Also went at 8:30 PM. Three cars were parked two left before heading down. Washroom/restroom Available pretty breezy in there as a heads up. There are two washroom/restroom and thankfully with toilet paper. Short walk (not really a hike) down to the thermal pools/ “hot spring” whatever you want to call it. I didn’t record it as others did it’s honestly really short. Thought getting dressed after being surrounded by snow would be hard but it wasn’t bad at all. There are three maybe four pools.. the first one is the hottest at like 110° the next one down is the coolest one and the third one down the smaller one is like bath water. Saw some other one but didn’t go to it didn’t care to. The bath water one was best to go in first then the hotter one then to cool down the coolest one. There was a really nice German couple who was from BC and gave us the run down and swapped pools. 11-12-19

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