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Photos des randonnées dans le Petrópolis

20 days ago

Incredible! Day one was mostly a hike through thicker woods, gaining elevation in a humid setting. By the end of the day it started to rain and we trudged through mud and rock to get to abrigo açú. Day 2 I call Disneyworld because it was like a theme park of sliding down rocks on your butt, scrambling over rocks, climbing the “elevador” a bunch of rebar steps on the side of a sheer rock face, and mounting the “cavalinho” a fallen rock that I later learned is really on the side of a sheer drop off O___O Day 3 is an easy zigzag stroll down through a tropical forest. Abrigos are warm and cozy, beautiful trail even with clouds and little views. Physically demanding but super fun and rewarding. Loved it!!

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