Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Brisbane

1 day ago

We came across this as a local trail that we can do in under an hour or longer looking at the shape of the track. We have attempted this twice and both times taken wrong turns using this app. The first time was crossing the small part of the creek by going right instead of left which takes you behind the quarry and the dump. You can’t cross anywhere further to get back into the track due to the creek. This time we made a better attempts and still took a wrong turn shortening the track, however we were able to easily complete it with an extra loop bringing the track to 4km and an hour. It seems to be that there is more excavation going on which may impact part of this trail in the future. The big loop is very wet in which we had to cross through swamp like conditions. Given all the rain, this track is probably non ideal with the water not only annoying to cross, but the mosquitos are supersized out here.

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