Photos des randonnées dans le Canberra


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15 days ago

I did this walk the wrong way around, but I'm pretty happy I did. Whilst this is an easy walk, some amount of fitness is required for some of the inclines - it is also worth noting that some of the trail is loose gravel with large loose rocks so people with weak knees, ankles and hips, make sure you take your time and tread carefully. A nice walk with some good views of the Woden Valley and Majura, perfect for people that enjoy wildlife spotting; we came across 2 shingleback lizards, some Eastern Grey roos, Rosellas, Magpies, Wattlebirds and at the right time of day I suspect you could easily do some possum spotting. Dog friendly leashed walk with plenty of sniffing opportunities - caution should be used if you have a dog with high prey drive. We saw a few people on the walk and a few dogs but it wasn't an overly busy walk - overall a nice walk but be prepared if you're a novice bushwalker or have a low level of fitness (like me) to meet some inclines.

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