Caledon State Park and Natural Area Trails

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Caledon State Park and Natural Area Trails es un sendero circular de 4 millas con tráfico pesado localizado cerca de King George, Virginia. Ofrece la oportunidad de ver la fauna y es calificado como moderado. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es accesible todo el año. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 4.0 miles Desnivel: 469 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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The park offers approximately 12 miles of hiking trails, 7 of which are open year round. The Boyds Hole Trail and Flats trail go through the wildlife management area and critical shoreline area and are closed during the summer months to allow the young bald eagles to learn to hunt without disturbance. During these months these trails are only accessible during special guided park eagle tours that typically occur on weekends.

15 days ago

Nice series of dirt trails that also connect to trails that take you down to the water, so it’s easy to make it longer if you prefer. Lots of connections also make it easy to do a shorter route. If you’re looking for something more accessible with fewer hills (and paved with gravel), check out the trail starting at the visitors center.

1 month ago

great quick hike after Thanksgiving dinner!

2 months ago

Great trail. Didn't see any animals. We did a total of 7.2 miles. Did the main trail and also went up to the river to see the view. It was windy but well worth the couple extra miles. Markings were pretty good. The white trail markings were not marked very well. Defiantly recommend this area. It would be nice if All Trails put the other trails on the app.

4 months ago

I would recommend this trail for someone looking for a nice shaded hike. It’s not very rigorous but it is scenic and enjoyable!

7 months ago

Great hike. There are several different trails to take. I like the views of the river as well as the various marshland.

8 months ago

great trails. best marked trails I have ever been on. my recordings show 4.3 mil each time. path gets a bit tight near the back end because it is not hikes as much. lots of stream access for dogs to drink.

9 months ago

Fun hike, definitely recommend

Sat Jan 12 2019

well marked and nicely laid out trails.

Tue Jan 01 2019

Well marked trails

Wed Nov 07 2018

Loved it! Beautiful trail!

Sat Aug 18 2018

I'm glad to have found this app as it put me in touch with Caledon State Park. Who knew such a great park was so close. I took my two dogs and arrived Mid-day around 3PM. Parking was $4 and as usual it's cash only. This park has multiple trail options but I took Boyd's hole. Contrary to what the discription of park stated, it was open during summer months. Majority of the trail is shaded by the beautiful large aged trees. It took a bit to get to the potomac as the dogs wanted to sniff around but once we did......what a site! The sand wasn't too beachy so sand didn't get into my shoes. The dogs jumped right in and swam around (on leash of course). There was a picnic table right by the water if you wanted to have lunch. After a good 45 mins at the water we started the hike back. Great experience especially if you have a dog that loves water. Would definitely go again

Wed Jul 11 2018

Good historical place to get outside and walk. Various trail segments.

Mon Jun 18 2018

I use these trails very often and am very grateful they are in the area.With a lifetime pass for VA state parks, this is a great option for runs and hikes. Wish there were more bike options (aside from the gravel route). There is also camp grounds that I haven't used yet, and found by accident. From what I could tell the view was beautiful and it wasn't crowded.

Thu May 17 2018

Super enjoyable, very quiet and private, Potomac overlook is lovely and very private, perfect place for a picnic and to watch for eagles (which we did see)

Sat Jan 20 2018

$4 for entry but you can get annual pass for all VA state parks. Ask the visitor center for a trail map. Moderately trafficked.

Sun Dec 03 2017

Great trail. $4 to park. Some of the outer trails at the park are not well marked.

Thu Nov 16 2017


Thu Sep 14 2017

Beautiful and peaceful. We hike here often.

Sun Jul 09 2017

The trails are well maintained and there was very light traffic. It was a peaceful hike. Just what we needed!

Sun May 28 2017

it's a nice trail/road. if the tide is high, you can't walk the beach. lots of rain water made it pretty messy. stayed pretty isolated without people for the magority of the morning.

Mon Feb 13 2017

The park has a parking fee and a real restroom. We connected a couple of trails and walked 4.3 miles. The trail is a paved access road. It was difficult to find soft ground...not my idea of a hike. Lots of trees that may be really pretty when there are leaves. In the winter, it's boring. It's also very easy...I'm not sure how this is rated as moderate.

Mon Nov 07 2016

It was a nice trail. Not real hard, but a peaceful walk with nice views.

Tue Nov 03 2015

Lovely walk. Lots of wildlife. Eagles

Thu May 10 2012

We saw about 10 bald eagles near the water. They were beautiful!!

Mon Mar 26 2012

easy and fairly uneventful hiking. Keep your eyes ipen for bald eagle nests and you might get a surprise! excellent hikes for children and families.

Sun Feb 12 2012

Lots of options for hikes from a bit less than a mile to a little over 5 miles (more during some seasons). There is also a small playground and picnic area. Not keen on parking fees, but all the state parks in VA seem to charge them.

21 days ago

26 days ago

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