Fotos de Mahogany North Peak to Grove Creek Canyon

Distancia: 9.3 miles Desnivel: 4,051 feet Tipo de ruta: De punto a punto

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5 months ago

It is as described, hard! I went from my house in Cedar Hills over to Grove Creek Canyon then around the back of Mahogany Mountain and down to the Bonneville Shoreline trail to get back home. It was over grown and wet due to the rain. The upper Grove Creek trail as you approach Indian Spring is overgrown and the saddle area below Mahogany Mountain is overgrown. The trail between Indian Spring and the Mahogany Mountain trailhead on the East of Mahogany Mountain is just the road; luckily for me only one ATV passed and the road was wetted down good from the rain. If going up from the North as another hiker suggested, plan on a 4,000 feet elevation gain from the Cedar Hills Golf course to the saddle. I came down it and it’s very steep and runs along the backbone of the drop off into AF Canyon. I recommend looking at this app for the trail in the sections that you can’t see the trail easily. When I got off, the bush whacking was challenging and not worth the effort to get back on. Plan on about 8 to 10 hours depending on your pace. There is water along the way but not on the steep North end. If you want to carry less weight, use a Life Straw or pump because Grove Creek Canyon has plenty of water. It was a hike I wanted to do to experience it but I doubt I’ll ever do it again!