McDaniel Mountain

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McDaniel Mountain es un sendero de ida y vuelta de 6.6 millas localizado cerca de Fort Davis, Texas. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es calificado como moderado. El sendero se usa principalmente para hacer senderismo.

Distancia: 6.6 miles Desnivel: 1,551 feet Tipo de ruta: Ida y vuelta



flores silvestres


no se admiten perros

Note: This trail is ONLY open during Davis Mountain Preserve's Open Days. Please refer to the Preserve's website for dates- Start the trail on Right Hand Loop Road, about 2.2 miles, then go past Lockes Gap to get to a starting point for the bushwhack. This starts 1.2 mile bushwhack up to McDaniel Mountain Summit. There is a significant rock ledge along the southwest side of the shoulder ridge. The rock ledge tapers the more north you go to get up on the ridge. The knobs south of McDaniel present some challenges. The very tops are quite dense in terms of trees and boulders which make this a tough part of the hike. The McDaniel summit is relatively flat and covered with trees.

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