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Wild Cherry, Wildwood, Alder, Dogwood Loop via Leif Erikson Drive

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Wild Cherry, Wildwood, Alder, Dogwood Loop via Leif Erikson Drive es un sendero circular de 5.7 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Portland, Oregón. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es calificado como moderado. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de febrero hasta noviembre. Los perros también pueden usar este sendero, pero deben estar atados con correa.

Distancia: 5.7 miles Desnivel: 921 feet Tipo de ruta: Circular

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A nice 6 mile loop through Forrest Park. Elevation gain throughout entire loop.

1 month ago

Fairly heavily travelled but a nice hike close to the city. This combination of trails sees the most elevation near the beginning of the Wild Cherry trail (approximately the 1st mile is a climb). After that, there are small elevation gains but mostly loses. The very beginning and final mile is along a hard packed gravel/dirt road instead of a trail (Leif Erickson Rd). The entire hike is in a dense forested area - lots of ferns and moss. I saw three eagles on my recent hike and could hear them before I could see them. A nice place to spend a couple of hours not far from Portland.

1 month ago

Great trail if you have 2-2.5 hours. Decent amount of people and dogs on a Friday morning. Most people were jogging. Well maintained hard surface, mostly without roots. All gradual slopes up and down. Goes trough temperate rain forest, but right on edge of city.

3 months ago

I’ve done this loop a couple of times and I always enjoy it. It’s very moderate, but still long enough to feel like you got a decent hike in.

3 months ago

What a gift, to have a forest right on the edge of town! This trail was definitely on the easier side of moderate. Well maintained, very well marked. I hiked counterclockwise. There was a portion of the Dogwood part of the trail on a wide, paved road, which was a bit if a bummer, but only about a mile until you get to Alder, and still surrounded by tall trees and lush green. There's a steady din of city noise in the background, and frequent train whistles, but that's the trade-off for being so close to town. It was heavily trafficked, but I was expecting that as it was a Sunday morning. A really lovely trail.

4 months ago

this trail was gorgeous. so much green! I would say it was on the easy side of moderate, except for a section that was about 3/4ish of a mile. it was a decent upgrade. I miss the green!

Pretty. Good minor elevation changes. Not too crowded

5 months ago

This is a really nice 2-hour loop – maybe faster if you’re not with a stop-and-sniff pup. ;) It’s nice and shady in the summer, with beautiful filtered light. Just enough up and down to make it interesting. A definite favorite loop in forest park.

propiedad privada
5 months ago


7 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I arrived at 8 AM and found the very limited parking full so I parked about 1/4 mile away on Thurman. This hike was on the easy side of moderate for me. There were a lot of people running the trails and plenty of off-leash dogs.

7 months ago

Nice little hike in the woods and close to downtown Portland. Enough elevation in the first mile to get a good sweat going. There was a tree down on the Alder portion of the loop. Plenty of chipmunks and birds.

9 months ago

beautiful hike, lovely day, not too many other people out

Mon Jan 14 2019


Sat Dec 29 2018

Great trail, well marked. Not too much elevation gain. All Trails makes it easy to navigate. As a visitor to the area amazed how close to town. Then ran to Cafe Viola.....yum. Being a Monday morning very few people out so had trails to ourselves.

Thu Nov 22 2018

Solid hike - love the fall colors - a lot of people and a little too much road noise but so easy to get to from Dtn Portland. Trails well maintained and well marked

Thu Nov 08 2018

Forest Park is beautiful and convenient for a nature escape if you live in or are visiting Portland. There is usually heavy traffic on trails until you hike further out. If your looking for solitude plan on hiking for a while but never the less a beautiful park!

Wed Aug 01 2018

We only completed the loop portion of this trail. Quite beautiful trail itself with only glimpses of views. There were lots of trail runners and other hikers.

Wed Jul 04 2018

Wild Cherry is a bit steep but Wildwood and Dogwood sections of the trail are easy.

Thu Jun 07 2018

I discovered that, if you go up Wildwood instead of continuing on Wild Cherry, you can access the top of Alder via NW Leif Erikson Drive (which isn't paved, but a little stretch of gravelly road). If you do that, you can then make an actual loop by crossing over to Alder (which is a more narrow path and mostly uphill, but not too steep) and then go down Alder swing back up Dogwood to the top where it reconnects with Wildwood and take Wildwood all the way back down to where it connects back with Wild Cherry - and then back to the beginning! It's 6.2 miles. Took me a little over 2 hours, but I'm slow. Going up Dog was also uphill, but again not too steep. It was fantastic. Highly recommend this route if you're not up for really steep climbs, but want the extra distance while making a "loop." Lots a pretty wildflowers out right now too!

Wed Apr 18 2018

This is a good trail for hiking but not trail running. Quite a bit of incline and switch backs in the beginning, but it levels out once you reach dogwood/wildwood. Pretty flowers and scenery. Only saw 3 people on alder the whole time!

Mon Sep 25 2017

You can do a shorter version of this loop by starting at the Wild Cherry/ Dogwood Trailhead on 53rd. Gorgeous part of Forest Park, this is truly a Sunday afternoon stroll type setting. There is a bit of incline on the Alder trail, as well as Wild Cherry if you're coming up from Wildwood. Wild Cherry and Alder trails are less populated than Wildwood which makes those parts of the trail more enjoyable, imo.

Thu Jul 06 2017

Beautiful hike, pet friendly, all uphill you start but levels out.

Fri Jan 08 2016

We had a good time doing this trail in the snow. There are multiple spots for a great view. The trail was well maintained.

Sat Jul 18 2015

Not a bad little hike but it is not one of my favorites. I think it is just because I like hikes that are in more rural areas so maybe that's the reason why I gave this a lower rating.

Sat Jul 04 2015

Simple trail in the Forest Park part of Portland. Love walking through the trees and ferns you'll forget there's a bustling city below you. No views of the city unless you continue to another trail.

Tue May 05 2015

nice, easy to moderate hike that is easy to get to during the week. Will hike again!

Sat Apr 25 2015

Quick and easy little 5 miler, easy steady up for the first half quick down for the back half. Lots of traffic (runners and bikers) at the start and end, but relatively low traffic for a nice Saturday in the middle. I'd do it again if I needed to get an easy hike in.

Mon Mar 12 2012

Nice different varieties of cherry, go either in March when they are flowering, or go in summer when the cherries are ripe. Trail winds in and out of the forest. Nice inner city hike.

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